Michael Maiden - bronze  sculptures

"Gone Fishing"

  Gone Fishing Bronze sculpture by Michael Maiden  

dimensions of sculpture: 30"x34"x42; weight: 120lb


"Gone Fishing" – Fish is the staple diet of the bald eagle, but it also catches some birds and mammals. Eagles are seldom seen far from the water. They are alert to every movement within range of their telescopic sight. They ride the updrafts in silence and are ready to swoop into their prey at split-second notice. Sometimes eagles hunt in pairs. One near the ground, flushing prey from cover, and the other at a height, ready to pounce.

"Like man, eagles occupy the top of the food chain. When we observe and study eagles, the symbol of our America, we see what's in store for mankind." - Michael Maiden.

Wonderful, lifelike patinas are the standard for all Michael Maiden bronzes.


Gone Fishing clay model artist wroking - Michael Maiden


Artist is working on the clay model for the eagle sculpture.