Michael Maiden - bronze  sculptures

Working as an artist.

Sculpting the wildlife that he knew, Michael set up a small foundry which enabled him to cast his clay sculptures into bronze. He soon began casting artwork for local artists and his reputation grew into one of perfection and ingenuity. By 1980, The Maiden Foundry had outgrown the facilities in Walla Walla. Maiden purchased a plot of land in Sandy, Oregon, a small suburb of Portland, and moved the operations. The Maiden Foundry had grown exponentially, and was responsible for casting sculpture for over 200 artists establishing a national reputation. Today, The Maiden Foundry has grown into one of the largest art foundries in the country. At one point, besides pouring bronze, The Maiden Foundry was the largest pure silver casting operation in America, where they routinely cast pieces weighing 1500+ ounces. In 2001, The Maiden Foundry cast a 125 lb 24k, pure gold sculpture of a very prominent theme park icon, instantly recognized worldwide. The sculpture is the largest 24k gold casting in United States history.


Bronze Eagles sculptures by Michael Maiden


Pelicans - Bronze Fine Art Collection by Michael Maiden Wildlife artist - bronze sculptures


Herons - Wildlife sculptures by Michael Maiden - bronze fine art


Unique Unique Bronze Art by Michael Maiden

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